Local History -

Rabbi Douglas Charing is available to lecture on topics regarding the Jews of Britain. The lectures/talks are between one and two hours duration, and a number are illustrated with some unique slides.

Rabbi Charing is the author of 'Glimpses of Jewish Leeds' and several articles on personalities and events of Leeds and Bradford.


Lecture Topics:

  • Jewish Children in Victorian Schools
  • Politics and Trade Unions - the Jewish Contribution
  • Jewish Victorian Buildings
  • Rise of Jewish Social Services, Cultural and Educational Institutions
  • Eminent Victorian Jews and their Contribution to British Society
  • The Jews of Leeds
  • The Jews of Bradford
  • The Jews of Yorkshire
  • The Jews of Manchester
  • The Jews of Scotland
  • The Jews of Wales

Walking Tour:

In Leeds city centre you will have the opportunity of seeing where the first Jewish marriage took place; where the first synagogue stood; where one of England's best schools educated its Jewish pupils; the great contribution of Marks and Burton,and much more.
Individuals can join our walking tours (Sundays at 2.30) whilst groups can be catered for at mutual convience. For further details and costs please phone 0870 800 8532


Costs Lecture Costs:
Educational Institutions: £45 per hour plus travel expenses
Local History Associations and Relegious Groups: £30 plus travel expenses
Bookings Please call 0870 800 8532 to discuss topic and suitable date, then confirm by post or fax to 0870 800 8533