InterFaith Dialogue - Judaism courses for Christians

BINA is a Hebrew word meaning 'understanding'. BINA can also stand for Bringing Insight, Novelty, Appreciation.

Christianity was born from Judaism and today's Christians are well aware of the need to find their roots as they encounter and have dialogue with Jewish friends and neighbours. By learning a little about Judaism you learn a lot more about Christianity.

  God, Israel, Torah
How do Jews view God? How do they view themselves? Why is the land of Israel so important? What is the Talmud and why is the Bible considered just part of the Revelation?
  A Window to Heaven
What sort of prayers are unworthy to God? How and when should we pray? What's the difference between the Temple and the Synagogue? Can a Jew pray anywhere? What is a Rabbi?
  Basic Jewish Beliefs
What is the Jewish concept of sin? When will the Messiah come? What do Jews believe about a life after death?
  Evil and Suffering
Did God create evil? Why do the righteous suffer? How did anti-semitism begin? Where was God during the Holocaust?
  The New Testament Through Jewish Eyes
Did Jesus actually live? What sort of a Jew was he? How different were his teachings from others? Was Jesus a Jew or a Christian?
Costs Churches and Societies: £50 per session: £200 per 4 seessions or whole day.
Educational Institutions: £70 per session: £275 for 4 sessions or whole day. Travelling expenses to be added.
Call 0845 130 1700 to book.